The Goods Line [Urban Walkway] Sydney, Australia

The Goods Line in Sydney was my main inspiration for one project from last year in Russia. I couldn’t even dream to visit this place!


Russian winter. Russian village.

If you ask me when to visit my country, I have the only one answer. Winter!

What is better to see? Village, of course!

The High Court of Le Corbusier [Chandigarh, India]

Chandigarh is one of the most adorable places I’ve been to India. My first meeting with the architecture of the famous Le Corbusier.

It might be a bit strange to see the High Court without colours, but I want to show the play of light and shade, volumes and voids.

Umbrella of shelter.
A magnificent rhythm of elements.
Cut-outs and niches establish a playful connection with the human scale.
Protection from summer sunlight and monsoon.

For visiting Capitol Complex you need to take your ID with you and register for excursion for 12 or 3 p.m. Sundays they are closed.