Life is unpredictable

I definitely can’t plan my life!

I left Germany in July, traveled Scandinavia and now I am back to Russia and living in a village. I am writing this and can’t believe it. And many people know me can’t believe it as well.

I finished uni, worked for almost a year and now I have no idea what is going to happen to me. I hope something really amazing and exciting!



Step by Step

Step by Step. I guess it’s gonna be my motto for next several months.
I was always thinking that I want everything right now. I want to travel the world, be smart, beautiful and skinny, have lots of money and bla bla bla. It is coming. But step by step. I’m lucky, but I have to work hard about all the points I wanna get. Or probably I’m lucky, because of I’m doing something. But I’m not thaaat hard working, so I came up with the idea «step by step».
I travel during weekedns, I’m learning German, I try to save money some small thing, but.. I live in a good district in cozy apartment, I travel and I buy things I want, I eat sweets and drink wine. Step by step I will get everything I want in the process of enjoyng my life.

Listening Antonio Vivaldi now and thinking of my few changes this year. I thought that if I can’t travel the world right now, I could explore one new city or country each month. Finally I’ve been to Sweden, Hungary, Romania and couple new cities in Germany this year. Finally two trips per month, not only one, as I was planning in January. And I’m not complaning!

The funny thing. That after having all weekends booked, I’ve started appreciate my weekends in Berlin and today I’ve spent a day just cleaning apartment, making everything cozy and nice. I have desire to write, to learn, to take photos.. In every part of life must be balance. Step by step… step by step )

2017, good morning!

Almost a year without writing. Shame on me. This year I’ll try to be not that lazy. Now I work as an architect in Berlin and learn German, so my English is getting worse with every single day and I can’t say, that my German is getting better. But it will be.



This year I’ve been to 14 countries. Wow. Can’t believe. The most fabulous roadtrip I’ve done with my husband by our old (14 years ols) Russian car LADA and we have an awesome name for this trip #eurotaz.

I wish more countries, new places, discoveries in 2017 for all of us!


Home sweet home. See you in a while. [Russia]

 Couple months ago I was sure that I don’t have home. I was a traveler for a year, but now I have a feeling that there is a place where I can come back any time and bring there all my things I buy, find in my life journey) Exactly this village is my home now, which I’m leaving. And I have no idea when I’ll be back. But I will 🙂  My baby dog. She is not baby, she is granny actually!

  My husband is also enjoying time in a village.

  One of the apartments there is my place.

  These cars are always there, either in summer time. In summer there is no snow by the way!

  These wooden carving — my father’s creation.

  My fist time of being a donor, but finally my blood is too strange, that other people can’t digest it, so it was the last time is being a blood donor as well)

 And this river. Volga. 

Maybe this month is not intensive with traveling at all, but it gives me much more, more than I either could expect!

Russian winter. Russian village. My new life.

All  pictures in my blog are not from my motherland, but now for a month I moved back to Russia. To Russian village to be clear. That’s cold, clean and amazing! If you ask me when to visit my country, the answer can be only one — in winter time! And what is better to see? Village, of course! Here is your chance )