TARSUS | Aznakaevo, Russia

Tarsus in Turkey and Aznakaevo in Russia are twin towns so one of the public open spaces in Aznakaevo was named after Tarsus. It was important to bring the character of Turkey to the Russian environment.

Also, Aznakaevo is famous for Tatar writer Gabdulla Tukai and the local community asked to keep the monument of their favourite writer and have more spaces to gather, like an open library.

Colour coding is part of the design as the colours of Tarsus create a Turkish spirit.

The park already had existing paths and routes but a few more connections were proposed to make the park more accessible. During intensive two-stage community engagement, all the program of the park was finalised having a sheltered area for events and festivals, an open library, playground, public toilet, outdoor sports area and an important square of friendship between two countries and cultures.

From concept to real life – inspired by historical Tarsus arch.

Square of friendship in front of existing mosque. The place for reflection and respect.

The monument of the writer was moved into the park and the open library is organised with figures of characters from the tales.

The project is designed under my supervision as a chief architect in the bureau of Architectural descent.


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