RAILWAY PARK | Svobodnii, Russia

The Railway park in Svobodnii was built during the Soviet period and has a rich history. However, the city itself is developing rapidly and a new image is needed. Also, citizens have their view, that reconstructed park should be withing nature but remind of heritage.

From historical photographs and the natural environment, the local character was identified and taken into the design proposal.

Historical heritage, the natural forest of the abandoned park and railway became symbols of design and updated park with red, green and blue colours.

Each symbol has its own route in the park to create a journey for visitors.

Logo of new park


The site is about 10 ha and all new buildings are going to be constructed on the existing sites so most of the trees will be untouched. The reconstructed arch will be welcoming visitors leading their way on the historical alley to the main square or via the modern route to all season pavilion. The meeting point is the round restaurant with an observation point to the river. The new proposal is an eco-centre and child-centre next to the restaurant that didn’t exist in the Soviet time but nowadays is essential to educate the younger generation about the importance of sustainable living and our environment.


Central square with playground

Eco centre

Centre for youth and sports area

For this project, I was invited as a chief architect by the bureau MORE


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