ECO CENTRE | Yakutsk, Russia

Yakutsk is the capital of the Saha Republic and is famous for its very harsh winters and dry dusty summers. The historical architecture is usually elevated on pillars because of permafrost.

The site has many levels and pipes dividing park from residential area. Instead of neglecting existing engineering solutions the idea is to enhance their presence and make them attractive providing new design and accessibility with stairs and ramps throuout the site.

Elements found on the site are becoming a distinctive pattern representing this area on eco-friendly souvenir production.

There are three main principles of this project:

  • Locality
  • Functionality
  • Atmosphere

Having permafrost and a harsh climate throughout the year encouraged elevated architecture and shelter on the ground level so public open space can be used by visitors in any weather, any season. The site is becoming accessible and inspiring to spend time having a playground, co-working space, cafes, eco-centre, green house and studios.

Principles of design

The children’s playground provides a variety of musical instruments, slides and climbing walls that are part of a colourful elevated corridor. The covered walking bridge can become a local landmark and a perfect photoshoot location in winter and summer.

Images for each area

The project is designed also to be commercially viable so each building has its purpose according to marketing research and residents’ proposals of what is needed for them after community engagement.

I was invited as a chief architect to lead the project and as an expert to promote sustainable design by bureau MORE.


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