VERTICAL BAZAAR | Berlin, Germany

The project of Vertical Bazaar in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Turkish mosaic is the inspiration in creating the image, the planning structure and functional fullness, as mosaic characterizes Turkish culture and organization of retail space. The main feature of the mosaic is a common image and a lot of details. On close examination, each piece of the mosaic is unique, irregular shape with beveled corners, somewhere pieces are lost.

Most markets in Turkey are very similar to a mosaic – narrow streets with small shops, like a maze. This is what the market is different from the shopping mall, with its compact and small public space. Mosaic also is associated with Traditional Turkish Hand Crafts which has formed a rich mosaic by bringing together its genuine values with the cultural heritage of the different civilizations. This gave the idea for the functional content of the building – place with workshops to produce traditional goods. Each oor is a network of narrow streets that connects pieces of the mosaic – retail shops, workshops, recreation areas.

The structure of the building goes from inside to exterior. The architecture opens new sides, new details with each step. From far is one shape, from closer look there are more detail which goes into interior. Tiny streets with several accesses on the ground level connect with surroundings.


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