Sustainability in urban park | Bolshoi Kamen, Russia

The project and our team won the All-Russian competition for projects to create a comfortable urban environment in small towns. 70 million rubles will be allocated for the capital reconstruction of the main city park. This is almost six times the city’s annual budget for urban design. Moreover, the project was approved by the environmental community “Teper Tak”.

The unique features of the city and site’s location:

  • Nature and it’s unique landscape
  • Memories and lost mountain
  • Potential and economical growth

Biodiversity and people form the city Bolshoi Kamen (Big Stone)

The city itself and its economy are in the centre of sustainable (blue triangular on the diagram) growth but without a social component (yellow triangular) and people cannot exist without the natural environment (ecology is a green triangular).

Principles of design are based of principles of sustainability:

  • environment (biodiversity, saving resources, adapting to climate change)
  • community (comfort and accessibility, physical and mental health, education and entertainment)
  • economy (image of the city, attractive place and values)

Bolshoi Kamen is located right on the sea and shipbuilding ша the main industry.

One of the main tasks was to keep the existing routes of the site but also to create important green connections between buildings.

Unique nature and history of the place have became an inspiration for main functions of the site:

  • BAY with amphitheatre, public square with a stage for performances
  • BEACH with a sandy playground, cafe and alley of swings
  • SEA with benches of ships and boats
  • FOREST protects from winds, and sun and provides fresh air for residents and shelter for local flora and fauna

The landscape is an essential part of the design where trees provide protection from wind and sun and vegetation enhances the character of each zone.

The central part of the park is a multifunctional playground and stage in the shape of a big stone (the name of the city). The “big stone” is accessible from all sides and provides different scenarios how visitors can interact with it: stage, slide, playground, art, climbing wall.

Images of each zone are in the slideshow:

Branding of the site and the city with environmentally friendly souvenirs.

I was invited as a chief architect of the project by bureau MORE. Our amazing team:


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