Location: Victoria Park, Perth, Western Australia

Creating a vibrant and dynamic space that promotes connectivity, inclusion and renewal.

This plan advocates for the reinvigoration of the Oats Street area as a transport and green-oriented development based upon three key aims:

  • Improving the connectivity of the area both socially and within the broader spatial context, creating a vibrant local destination;
  • Facilitating inclusion amongst the community through a renewed sense of place, increased social activity and civic engagement;
  • Providing for the renewal of both the built and natural environments, rehabilitating the area’s ecological, European and Indigenous heritage.

The vision is based on ten principles

community, diversity, activation, safety, destination, accessibility, infrastructure, housing, health, and environment.


Our proposals aim to overhaul public infrastructure within the site; provide a diversity of housing and employment through greater density, mixed-use and specialist zoning; and redevelop movement networks to prioritise active transportation and reduce car dependence. This will connect the Oats Street area both within itself and the greater Perth region.

This plan will activate the area using a range of activities to encourage interaction amongst residents and visitors, providing greater cultural, entertainment, recreational and sporting facilities within the area and fostering civic engagement to create locally-run initiatives. This will include all members of the community by creating social connections and a renewed sense of place.

It is envisaged that the redevelopment of the area will incor- porate a range of environmental features including greater public open space, ecologically-sustainable building design, water-sensitive landscaping and the reintroduction of native species, as was identified as a community priority. This will renew both the built and natural environment within the Oats Street Area.

The residential precinct will incorporate the majority of existing residential areas, with increased density and mixed-use opportunities. The creative precinct will exist within the former industrial zone and incorporate cultural industries and works. The Station precinct is anchored by a redeveloped Oats Street Station as a transit node and serves as the community hub within the Master Plan area. The Habitat art trail runs across the central axis, diffuses boundaries, and connects all precincts.

The Habitat Art Trail aims to: 

  • Increase biodiversity
  • Create connectivity between precincts and cultures
  •  Foster a unique artistic environment

The residential precinct’s aims are to:

  • Create a safe and inclusive environment for residents to live work and play
  • Foster housing and employment density across the precinct
  • Provide residents with accessible services in close proximity to dwellings

The aims for the creative precinct are:

  • Attract and support creative industry
  • Provide opportunities for employment
  • Create an attractive and vibrant built environment

The Station precinct’s aims are:

  • Create a unique destination attracting visitors to the area
  • Regenerate local ecology through the restoration of public spaces
  • Facilitate social inclusion through the built and natural environment by providing entertainment, recreation and outward living opportunities

All visuals, graphics & images are produced by Mariya Zimniakova & Elise Haddleton @copyright

Participants of the project: Mariya Zimniakova, Elise Haddleton, Ilmi Anandagoda, Joseph Armanasco, Renee Bullock, Emily Comber, Farida Farrag, Sam Michie


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