GREEN GROWTH | Milano, Italy

The main idea of the Green Growth Project is to create environmentally friendly housing for a sustainable community.

The form was inspired by site, climate, connectivity paths and desire to create open spaces for growing own food.

The concept is based on the principles of sustainability, taking into account local climate and using modern technologies with local materials.

There are several vital functions programmed to provide social and environmental benefits for community to be sustainable:

  • Vertical farm where residents can grow their own goods and sell the surplus
  • Local shop and cafe where extra produce from the farm can be sold and support community
  • Hub space for community meetings, child care and physical activity
  • Outdoor and indoor sport facilities
  • Herb and medical plants garden
  • Vegetable market
  • Rain water collector
  • Bike and car sharing facilities
  • Health care facilities
  • The public square and meeting area
  • Playground

The aim of social housing is to connect people of all ages and bring all generations together to create a community where residents can rely on each other. Each section of the building has apartments for a single person, a couple, a family and a shared apartment. Common areas with playgrounds or sports facilities are provided on each floor.

One of the features of the social apartment block is connectivity to the environment with a community garden: herbs, medical plants, vegetable and fruit trees.

The project is designed together with Martina Dalla Bona and Katarzyna Pis.


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