Forces that Shape Cities [London | UK]


Everything starts from nature. That’s why it’s important and interesting to know the history of place to understand better WHY the city is there, WHY it is more developed on the north from the river and WHY wealthier people preffered West. Wind, current, type of soil can give us the answers. But with time actors, economy and technology come in play.


Ali Madanipour describes three types of actors in his article “Roles & Challenges of Urban Design”:

  • regulators
  • producers
  • users

Their tensions, colaboration and power can create great or terrible results as they have different perspectives on urban developmepent, design and potential image of the place and city. Sometimes actors can be not active but they exist in every city. Not being active also has its impact.


Culture can be so diverse nowadays and sometimes we caanot distinguish where ends my cultury and starts yours. Different interests, generations and events play a huge role in the shaping the city. Music and dancing is my favourite story so far. Something you cannot touch can be so visible!


Nowadays I prefer to sleep at night. Eespecially here, in Western Australia, everything closes so early. But London is famous for its night! I’ve never been there and already too old to experience it myself but I trust these money related numbers of economic activity.


Something grows, something dissapears but we always need to find the spot for all our desires or find a new function for something we don’t want anymore.


Can you imagine our world in 50 years? I’m a bit scared to be honest. I’m not sure I’ll be able to recognise it. Flying mashines were proposed long time ago and now we have them in real life. Coffee to go? No, I need vaccine.

I want to thank my professors in the UWA, Timothy Greenhill and Rachel Pleasan, for inspiration and support.

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