What is wonderful about contemporary art, and generally art as a whole, everyone understands it differently. Art evokes feelings and emotions that make you think, and not just pass by with an empty head clogged with informational garbage.

This non-trivial art object “Rotunda” makes me think about the choice. There are so many opportunities that sometimes we can not stop in the race to try everything and everyone.

Once there is a taste for this race, it’s hard to tell yourself “stop”. Each door is like a trigger that fuels interest to such an extent that before you open one door, you are already reaching for another. Constantly unsatisfied. Always hungry and insatiable in pursuit of a try.

Without the ability to stop, breathe deeply and open your eyes, it is impossible to appreciate the happiness that is within us and people around us. Sometimes we don’t even know our desires. Sometimes you need to stop beating at closed doors and take a closer look at what’s behind the open.

Enter one. Forever and ever. And rise above all petty problems, people and your own thoughts in order to look beyond your own ego.




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