The Universal Mind, Nikolay Polissky [THE NIKOLA-LENIVETS ART PARK|Russia]

I will never stop repeating that you need to come to Russia in the winter to get the most out of life in this country. I can recommend a trip to the art park Nikola-Lenivets for nature and art lovers. It is located near a tiny village in the Kaluga region 220 km from Moscow, which is very close nationwide.

“The universal mind” is the largest installation in the art park. The author of this work is an artist Nikolai Polissky, who is actually also a founder of the park and the Arkhstoyanie festival. More information you can find on their website

Honestly, I am delighted with this huge wooden brain of 14 meters in diameter made of curved wooden beams with mirror plates. In such a space, I felt like a tiny point where all actions are insignificant, thoughts are elusive, and the border between reality and fantasy is blurred in the reflection of a thousand mirrors.


As an architect with a Russian soul, wood has always been and will be my favourite building material. Almost all art objects are made of wood in the Nikola-Lenivets art park, and the variety of forms simply blows the mind!

I still have photos from this amazing place that I will definitely share with you. See more by tag => #nikolalenivets

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