Welcome to Professional Life | CV

Welcome to my professional life and let’s start with a present.

Right now I study Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Western Australia. It’s a master program but I already have a master’s degree in architecture and more than 7 years of professional experience in architectural design at all scales (from competitions/preliminary design to building permits and constructive drawings).

cv 2

The main reason that made me temporarily leave the profession and become a student again was the desire to change the existing system for the better. I really like architecture and cities but there are so many terrible architecture and beautification that have grown chaotically and uncontrollably and do not meet the rapidly developing and changing modern world. Every time seeing that I was upset when the existing laws lagged behind the modern needs of man and nature. Thanks to the study in urban and regional planning, I understand more in global laws of development. I have a feeling that it is possible to make small positive changes that will be appreciated in the long run in future.



Click on the link to download the resume: CV_16_07_19


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