History & Geography matter [Kuala Lumpur|Malaysia]

Life is amazing and colourful.

Life becomes even better when, bit by bit, the knowledge obtained from different spheres and under different conditions is added into a single picture and makes sense.

The past few months in my life have appeared knowledge about economics, which I had never even thought of before. It turns out that there are different economic theories, in some of them the geography and history of the place and the events of the place are not given any importance. There are tools, there is a theory that can be applied anywhere. Also, there is an opposite point of view, which shows that both geography and history influence the economic situation of a place. Even in times of globalization, when everything becomes a commodity.
Frames are erased gradually. We become similar in behaviour and desires. However, while there are still differences, people of the city are different from people of the village, the Russians live with their mentality different from the Malaysians.
For how long? Will there be culture? Or will one common culture, or its absence, win?
Look at these photos. This is one country, one city, one street. Forgive Kuala Lumpur, but these photos could be from anywhere.

Or maybe not? Did the story and place influence the fact that these two completely different stories were on the same street?


Apparently, pieces of knowledge have not yet formed into a single beautiful picture, but at least they forced me to think much more widely than at that moment when I was enjoying the streets of one of the most extravagant cities in the world.

Kuala Lumpur is, in fact, unique. It united in itself so many moments, languages ​​and cultures, which proves that history and geography matter despite globalization.

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