Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre [Australia] by NH Architecture & Woods Bagot

One day in Melbourne, I dreamed of only one thing – to run away from the sun, to hide from its burning rays. My skin was burning. It was hard to breathe dry, hot air.
Perhaps this was my first experience of a truly hot day in Australia. The rescue came unexpectedly in the form of a huge Melbourne Convention Exhibition Center by NH Architecture & Woods Bagot. I spent in the interiors of this monster clearly not one hour. Pleasant coolness did not let go, but the interior was also fascinating to its labyrinths. Soft carpets on the floor. Bright accents in the form of a red bench or a yellow column. The aroma of coffee. Information booklets about Melbourne. Restroom. Water.
I was not the only one lost in the shadow of designs. The Melbourne Convention Exhibition Center was transformed from a simple building into a public space, into a street where you can meet with friends, play board games, have lunch, attend events. Either act like me, come to a new city and explore it through beautifully printed leaflets, hiding your light Russian skin under the noise of an air conditioner.


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