History & Geography matter [Kuala Lumpur|Malaysia]

Life is amazing and colourful.

Life becomes even better when, bit by bit, the knowledge obtained from different spheres and under different conditions is added into a single picture and makes sense.

The past few months in my life have appeared knowledge about economics, which I had never even thought of before. It turns out that there are different economic theories, in some of them the geography and history of the place and the events of the place are not given any importance. There are tools, there is a theory that can be applied anywhere. Also, there is an opposite point of view, which shows that both geography and history influence the economic situation of a place. Even in times of globalization, when everything becomes a commodity.
Frames are erased gradually. We become similar in behaviour and desires. However, while there are still differences, people of the city are different from people of the village, the Russians live with their mentality different from the Malaysians.
For how long? Will there be culture? Or will one common culture, or its absence, win?
Look at these photos. This is one country, one city, one street. Forgive Kuala Lumpur, but these photos could be from anywhere.

Or maybe not? Did the story and place influence the fact that these two completely different stories were on the same street?


Apparently, pieces of knowledge have not yet formed into a single beautiful picture, but at least they forced me to think much more widely than at that moment when I was enjoying the streets of one of the most extravagant cities in the world.

Kuala Lumpur is, in fact, unique. It united in itself so many moments, languages ​​and cultures, which proves that history and geography matter despite globalization.


Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre [Australia] by NH Architecture & Woods Bagot

One day in Melbourne, I dreamed of only one thing — to run away from the sun, to hide from its burning rays. My skin was burning. It was hard to breathe dry, hot air.
Perhaps this was my first experience of a truly hot day in Australia. The rescue came unexpectedly in the form of a huge Melbourne Convention Exhibition Center by NH Architecture & Woods Bagot. I spent in the interiors of this monster clearly not one hour. Pleasant coolness did not let go, but the interior was also fascinating to its labyrinths. Soft carpets on the floor. Bright accents in the form of a red bench or a yellow column. The aroma of coffee. Information booklets about Melbourne. Restroom. Water.
I was not the only one lost in the shadow of designs. The Melbourne Convention Exhibition Center was transformed from a simple building into a public space, into a street where you can meet with friends, play board games, have lunch, attend events. Either act like me, come to a new city and explore it through beautifully printed leaflets, hiding your light Russian skin under the noise of an air conditioner.

MPavilion Docklands City Park [Melbourne|Australia] MALA Studio

An amazing feature of life in the city. People need nature and they imitate it in urban areas. Hide in the shadows. Run away from the bustle. In the centre of the metropolis.

The creation of MALA studio in the city of Melbourne

The importance of Street Art [Melbourne / Australia]

I was always inspired by street art, and especially, by the amazing magic of transforming the uncomfortable and disgusting space into a museum. Melbourne is one of the finest examples of the hide-and-seek game of a terrible unsuccessful massive architecture and huge canvases on topical themes that reflect the thoughts of the modern generation.

Dr Chau Chak Wing Building [Sydney/Australia] by Frank Gehry

















Sydney Opera House [Australia]

Early in the morning have a walk on Sydney Harbour Bridge
Be ready to stop for a moment
Or better half an hour
With every step, the building is changing its shape
Sometimes you just see a part of it and wonder about the size
Sydney Opera House is like a miracle
Or a flower
By water, the perspective is even better
But sometimes you can get disappointed
Have lunch on the grass
And then come closer
Inspiration is in the air
In the details
In the reflection
In the pattern
In the contrasts
The Icon of Architecture