Welcome to Architectural Adventure!

I always thought of myself as an architect with a backpack. And a camera. Travelling around, writing stories, studying and working in different countries, absorbing experiences and giving back my knowledge, love and appreciation.


I’ve realised it’s not me anymore. After wandering around the world and living in Germany, Italy, India, Russia, America, South Africa, and Australia I settled in New Zealand on a farm in the beautiful Taranaki region.

I feel happy to be with my family, my husband and our beautiful funny daughter. I’m in the right place. Finally.

I moved slightly to urban planning and urban design with community engagement in recent years from designing buildings. And promoting sustainable living.

It feels like I’m worried about the future more after I became a mother. Also, after giving birth, I allowed myself to write a book: about the loss of my mother and becoming a mother myself. Hopefully, my book will support other people who went through many changes in their life.

Finally, I’m open to a new chapter of my life.

Conscious and inspiring.

I don’t know what exactly I’ll be publishing on this website but I guess it will be related to urban ecology, sustainability and cities and all other interests that have evolved.

P.s. There are more cows around me than people so feel free to leave me a message; it’s always nice to like-minded people.¬†


Masha from Russia | Architect with a backpack