Welcome to Architectural Adventure!

We live in this world, driven by goals, passion, searching for the meaning of life. I have not found my mission yet, but I know my passion. I love to explore new architecture and photography which I turned into a project titled “Architectural adventure”. This is where I lovingly share my architectural portfolio and vulnerably reveal stories and photos from various trips around the world to express those precious moments closest to my heart.

Every day of life is unique and depends only on how we choose to spend it. On this website, there are many hours of my life, probably the most conscious hours of my life. Here are collected not only the moments of clicking the camera, but also the path travelled, in order to catch these moments, realise them, process, describe and publish them. Collected here are many hours of my work in offices, in the mornings and nights, conversations with colleagues, ritual coffee in the mornings in the offices in Germany, and spontaneous gatherings over tea in Russia.

In adolescence, it is challenging to decide what you want to do. My mother was an architect, and I followed in her footsteps. For a while, I thought that it was not my decision, and I ran away from architecture to other areas in search of finding myself. Since childhood, I helped my mother draw plans and facades on tracing paper; it was my entertainment. I still unconsciously continue to draw buildings that are spinning in my head while talking on the phone. In every trip, I get lost among the architecture and its history. In every walk, I look at the improvement made within all of the areas I see and quality of the parts that have been used to make them. I realized that this is mine and I do not need to run anywhere. Instead that I need to study and work further with the same passion and love that I feel for the world around us, with maximum dedication to make this world even better and more comfortable for the citizens of our planet.

After wandering around the world and living in Germany, Italy, India, Russia, America, and South Africa, I settled in Western Australia in the most remote capital of the world in the city of Perth and study urban and regional planning. Feel free to leave me a message; I’m always glad to meet new people.


Masha from Russia | Architect with a backpack